Genius Hour Reflection #1


 (Todd Kominiak)

For this genius hour project I decided to work on cyberbulying. I decided to talk and do some research about this topic because as we know, now in our society we are most likely to bully each other. There is a double standard between girls and boys that also emphasis this cyberbullying. Cyber is the use of internet or computers and bullying is when a person intimidates another person. So that means that cyberbullying is bullying that is practiced on internet and social media.

The reason why I decided to work on this is because I wanted first to understand what pushes a person to bully others. I also wanted to sensitize my classmates and others to stop bullying. We should also be aware of the consequences of the acts of the offender (bully) on the victim. I have always been against bullying and cyberbullying, how can a human being be so mean and rude to another person just for the sake of having power and feeling popular? I have seen that nowadays, cyberbullying keeps on developing and expanding everywhere.

How can we stop bullying in schools? This was my research question. As we now bullying happens at a young, usually in our adolescence years.  With such a simple question, I learned a lot on bullying and on it’s affect on our society. But first of all, we need to know why do people bully others? I have found a couple of answers to this question:

1. they have been bullied in the past which made them angry and they want to throw it on someone else,

2. the bully might have problems at home or self esteem and they want to throw their anger on someone else,  this is similar the point number 1.

3. they are jealous about someone or finds bullying fun,

4. they bully others because they want to have this kind of power or superiority over others, or even popularity.They like to feel tough, strong and in control.

As you have read above they are a lot of reasons for one to bully an other. Here is quote to why others bully others:

The bullying was hideous and relentless, and we turned it round by making ourselves celebrities.” – Julian Clary

This quote comes back to my fourth point and a lot of kids feel that bullying has been a normal part of their lives. 50% of womens believe that bullying was a part of heir childhood contrary of 38% of men.

But all this reasons of bullying can have consequences on the victim himself. Do we all know that are actions do hurt others? How does the victim fell when being bullies? The answer is that the bullied victims feel more and more worthless, unpowerful and they are living in pain both emotional and physical, they also feel very lonely as they have no friends. Most of the time the result of bullying can lead to suicide! Here are some other consequences:


Are girls more bullied than boys or the other way round? Well as we know there is a double standard inn gender on internet. What is a double standard?  A rule that is unfairly applied. Or in other words there is a gender inequality. On social media, boys are supposed to act in a certain way. They have to post pictures showing their muscles or body. Girls are also expect to act in a certain way to. they are supposed to post pretty pictures. This is where cyberbullying comes in place because if you are not following what the society expect us to do then you will be considered as on outcast. Statistics show that 56% of men and 47% women said that they were bullied. While other statistics show that 74% of men and 83% of women bullied someone else. 

In this research, what I learned will help others as I am giving a message to others so that we con stop or even prevent bullying and cyberbullying first in our community and expanded in the world. It also helped me more as a person and even student because we have all passed in front of this kind of act. This has for sure made me understand that are actions always have consequences on others and that we should be careful. I was also surprised by the results of the statistics! I sure did learn a lot on this topic.

On my next Genius Hour project, I will be working on how to be a better public speaker. This will not only help me but others as we need to think about the future and make sure that we will have great public speakers and leaders.

Here is the link to my presentation on this Genius Hour project.

Want to read or learn more, on my work cites you will find all the links I read on this topic.


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  1. Hello Idyl,

    I think that you have done a great job writing about digital citizenship. All of us (or more like most of us)here who are reading this post are bloggers. So this teaches you how to be a good digital citizenship. And for those who are not bloggers, they can also learn from this too.


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