SBC5: Schools

As I’ve been moving from countries to others I had the experience to see a lot of different schools. I have always  been in the a french school but this year we decided to move into the international school.

Just t say that both systems are really different form each other and that it was not that hard to adjust in my new school as I already spook english. In my experience I felt like In the international system the teachers are more attentive to students as they are smaller classes not like in the french system were we were almost 30 in one class. I believe that with the International baccalaureate you can have more jobs open or opportunities to you then the French Baccalaureate. I feel lucky to have been in the two systems as most people ask me how do I speak french? It is true that french is a difficult language and I won’t lie about it.

So far I prefer the International School than the French School.

Merci beaucoup!



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