SBC4: My novel – Finding my inner self

In my English we started to write novels and here is what I’ve write so far. Don’t forget to give your opinion in the comments.

First day of High School, in my year of being a freshman. A lot of things change from Middle School to High School. I’m a little nervous to enter in this new society and world but I have my best friend Christine holding my hand tight and encouraging me to move forward.

Christine has been my best friend since forever actually no since day care where our mothers met and became best friend as well. Maybe that’s why we are best friend? I consider her as my soul sister as I’m an only child. She’s been supporting me since day 1. Christine Baker has always been there for me, we are always together nothing can seperate us. Some people think that we are twins which always make us laugh even though we dont even look alike. I’m a tall girl with long curly black hair and a pale skin with freckles on my cheeks while Kiki (Christine’s nickname I gave her in elementary) is a tall girl as well, we actually have the same height, with a well nice skin and fine black hair. I have always envied her for her hair and skin.

As always will we always walk to school together since we were little, a habit we haven’t want to stop because it gave us time to talk without anybody around us, parents. We were so happy to be now part of the High School, everything will change from this day on. But we were also very nervous, well mostly me. I couldn’t even stand in place! Christine was takling to me about her holidays and how she had changed her whole wardrobe for High School but I wasn’t paying attention at all, stress and nervousness was taking over me.

“Are you even listing to me?” she asked with laughing sound in her voice.

“I’m so sorry, is just that I’m really scared about what is going to us. You know most people say that the major things happen in High School and how some even loose their best friends.” I said, on the edge of tears.

She approached me and hugged me thight in her arms.

“There’s no need to worry we’ve been freinds for like forever and I will never let you down no matter out.”

At that exact moment I really trusted those words but little did I know that they weren’t full of truth.

We entered the gates of our new school, Christopher High School, their 100 times more people around here! I felt my stomach tighten even more. Kiki hold my hand and pushed me forward, I wish I could just go back home and run away from this. We walked together to our new class. We were so lucky that we ended up together or else I didn’t what I’ll do with my self. Actually we had always ended up together.We sat right next to each other and started to talk about our holidays before the school year starts.

Our Social Studies walked in and gave a us a brief speech on him self and talked about the subjects will be covering during the year and what will be the materials needed. Basicly what teachers always do at the beginning of each year at least now nothing to scary. Our day went on adn we meet all of our teachers of the year.

“ Actually our teachers aren’t that bad.”sad Kiki.

“Lucky us.” I replied with a happy voice and giving her a high five.

We handed to my house as usual, it was always like this on week days KiKi will spend the afternoon after school at my house and weekend will spend the day at her house. This was a habit with started taking when we entered Middle School as i was an only and had no siblings to disturb us or parents as they were always busy by work. We always ahd the house to ourselves.

I unlocked the doors to my self and I heard Oreo running to the door to see us. Oreo was my pet cat I got for my 8th birthday. She has always been a calm cat and very furry.We went on to the kitchen to get some food and headed to my room. The house was so quiet as I had no siblings and that my parents were always busy with work. We went to my bedroom were we most of the time there to chill and talk and as it was the first day of school we didn’t any work, yet.My room was big enough I had posters everywhere of my favorit bands as Fith Harmony, Why Don’t We and many more. I had a blue wallpaper as it was my favorite color, a small purple dresser onthe left side and my king sized bed with a view on my backyard. We threw our stuff on floor and lied on the bed with our Doritos chips in hands. I always had lots of snacks and nobody to share with except Kiki.

Three hours later, my parents pulled up on our driveway and had bought pizzas for dinner. Kiki and I wnet down to say hi.

“ Hi darlings, how was your first day of school?” asked my mother.

“ It was okay.” I replied.

“What you mean okay?” said Kiki laughing,” It was great we got to meet our teachers of the year and we are in high school”

We all laughed at her and headed to the dinning table. I started to set the table with Kiki while my parents were arranging the groceries they had just bought.

We started to eat till my father raised his head form his phone and asked:

“How are your teachers this year?”

“Well they all great so far and hope it will stay this way all year long” I replied.

“ That’s the same thing you said last year” he said laughing,” Do you remember Mr Colgo?”

“That one was a special case, Mr Taylor. Right Caro?” said Kiki.

My full name was Caroline but I always wen by Caro in my family. Actually it was Kiki idea.We were in my bedroom on of those weekend watching Netflix and out of no where she paused the movie and said:

” Isn’t weird i have a nickname but not you?”

” Well  don’t really mind. Can we proceed the movie?”

“Of course not we need to find something. Best friend code.”

Best friend code was something we had invented in primary, it meant that will always be there for each other regardless the situation and respond or do whatever one says. I had always found it weird but it did come in handy at times. That’s the way I had got the nickname and all our families called us in that’s way we were called: Kiki and Caro.



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