SBC3: Opening yourself to the outside world

Hi and welcome to my blog! As part of the Activity 3 of SBC3, I am going to write a story based on an image. Just the beginning and let’s see how you writers are going to finish it! I’m very excited for what sort of ending you are going to write and add on.

Found this picture on Creative Commons no need to have attribution.

For the summer my parents decided to go out of the city’s pollution and stress to the beach. That was boring at first but something happened to me and changed my whole aspect of this summer.

Before starting my story, let me present my self. My name is Susanna and I’m finishing 8th grade, about to enter freshman year. How exciting is that!

During this summer, are destination was the beach. Isn’t that awesome? Well not for me, I’m more of an indoor person, outside is not really my thing. I begged my mother but she refused to hear complaining and my older brother, Carlos, was so excited because he had the perfect summer body for that. Well this meant I will need to be active this summer. How amazing, right?

When we arrived to our hotel, I decided to stay so I had to find a lame excuse. I said that the trip to here made me tired and they went off to explore the pace, good old excuse still work! I took my time to settle in the room I would have to share with my annoying brother, well I see things are starting pretty well. I lied on my bed to read a book I started not long ago, called “The Fault In Ours Stars” by John Green. I found it really great and sad, but kept on with my reading. I  was so captivated by the story that I didn’t realize it was starting to get dark outside. My brother entered the room in a rush and told me that both our parents had been taken by a huge wave. How was that possible? Is this real? What are we going to do?

I’ve done my part, your turn now.



3 thoughts on “SBC3: Opening yourself to the outside world

  1. I laughed in his face. This is not the first time Carlos has pulled a prank on me. I took a look at Carlos’s face and saw no trace of jokes. Carlos does pull pranks on me but coming to think about it, he has never pulled one about death. Maybe it is because in Carlos’s defense death is a strong word. I saw the panic in his eyes.
    Then I heard him say “Should I call the cops? No, we will be separated.”
    And that’s when it really hit me. Carlos has always wished we will be separated. This is real if Carlos doesn’t want us separated, it is true. And he is pulling at his hair. Something he only does when he is frustrated. And I can see it in him. I can see the frustration. I start to tear up.
    “Mmmmom, Daaaad!” I scream
    Carlos looks back at me with a look I never knew he had.

    • What a nice continuation! I really like your style of writing.
      And thank you to you for passing by and commenting Ruqayya!
      Your best friend Idyl

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